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  Removes cigarette, pet, VOC and other odours from any
interior space
  Permanently destroys the
source of odours at a
molecular level
  Leaves air and surfaces
smelling fresh
  Over 3,000 times faster
than chlorine Bleach
  Most advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air.  
  Indoor air is 10 to 100 times more polluted than outside air  
  Penetrates into fabrics, porous materials and anywhere air molecules can reach.  
  Ultra low carbon footprint
  Chemical free 100% Natural
  Zero water consumption
natural cleaning
  Does not use any chemicals or create any toxic by-products but merely mimics the earth’s atmospheric cleansing process
Odour Removal Ozone Disinfects 100% Eco Friendly
No Chemicals, just natural to permanently destroy odours
  The Ozone Man is a subsiduary of MR NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS. We specialize in indoor air quality, mould remediation and health related problems.
Approved by
Approved by the FDA, EPA, USDA, US Green Building Council, TURI, OSHA and CSA