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Ozone treatment is all-natural, and very eco-friendly.

Ozone is produced regularly by nature itself. Through the sun's ultraviolet rays, lightning strikes and even from water cascading off a water fall, nature uses ozone to purify the air we breathe.

We breathe about
20,000 liters of air per day.

Unlike conventional air freshening techniques such as aerosol air fresheners, or environmentally harmful cleaning chemicals that may cause health risks, properly applied ozone poses no health issue at all. Since ozone is regularly produced in nature for the purpose of purifying air, it in no way hurts the environment.

Additionally, ozone created by our UV generators do not create any harmful by-products or chemicals that pollute the air we breathe or harm the Earth itself. As part of its air purifying process, ozone safely converts into into oxygen, the very gas we need to survive.

Safe and Effective
By-product is Oxygen
100% Eco-friendly
Natural and chemical free

Recently. the Pan Pacific Hotel threw out all of their chemical cleaners and uses Ozone to clean. From the kitchen to common areas to rooms and suites.

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Ozone is one of the most versatile and
powerful, natural cleansing agents on the Earth. In the modern era of environmental awareness, it is a sensible back-to-basics choice that outperforms Industrial chemicals.
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Ozone is a natural element which outperforms many artifical and toxic chemicals and breaks down pesticides. Contact us to learn more!
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