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The more we research and learn about ozone, the more impressive Ozone's resumee becomes. The amount of applications completely dominated by Ozone is staggering. However, the most important question still remains, "Why is the consumption of toxic chemicals not declining?"

Ozone vs. Chlorine: Disinfection Effectiveness
E-Coli elimination using Ozone vs Chlorine Chart
  Ozone kill most bacteria within 15 seconds
  After 20 seconds Ozone destroyed all ecoli
  Chlorine's efficiency is quite poor compared to ozone






Ozone is the strongest food grade antimicrobial agent, 1.0 ppm of ozone = 3,000 ppm of chlorine. While destroying bacteria and viruses, the remaining ozone reverts to oxygen, for a pure, fresh taste with chemical residue or pesticides.

A hand full of 5 star hotels have recently thrown out all of their chemicals and switched to ozonated water throughout. Link to our engineering website regarding ozonated water cleaning system

If you were having spinach salad, and if it was infected with ecoli, washing the leaves with just water would not have helped.

Washing fruits and vegetables with Ozone is quick, simple and effective against not only bacteria, but pesticides, poisons and prolongs the storage life naturally.
Ozone destroys arsenic and pesticides and ecoli and bacteria

Today, ozone is increasingly used more and more in food, cattle and the agricultural industry, hospitals, labratories, dental and medical treatment and therapy, water treatment and purification processes, hotels, swimming pools and aquatic arenas, industrial laundries and not limited to environmental cleaning, insect and pest extermination and remedial projects. Ozone has an impressive list of properties that makes it uniquely viable as a natural and an eco-friendly solution.

Are you impressed with meat and poultry being disinfected with ammonias and chlorine?

The real story behind Ozone is not just its diversity but that it is in a league of its own outperforming all other viable solutions. The fact that Ozone is so environmentally friendly is just a bonus.

Ozonated water for food, fruit and vegetables

The diagram above fails to illustrate that ozone also oxidized the pesticides. Most of the industries has recognized the multiple benefits of ozone. Many fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas that accelerates the ripening process. Ozone rapidly oxidized ethylene yet the produce tastes identical.

There is an abundance of research available as proof that ozone is undoubtablely the cleanest, eco-friendly, safest and most effective agent to eliminate odours and for sanitizating environments. Ozone also keeps us alive - Mankind would cease to exist on this planet without it.

Research Documents
Below are some interesting reports published by Universities, labratories, private studies and government agencies

adobe pdf document Mold and Bacteria Test Results from US High School
Indepentant study to confirm ozone is very effective in killing molds, bacteria and fungi

adobe pdf document Odour Test Results
Results for bacteria subjected to 30seconds and 10 minutes of Ozone

adobe pdf document Ozone vs. Pesticides
Test used lower concentrations. Higher contrentrations of Ozone would yield substantially more effective results

adobe pdf document Ozone for Food Contact Surfaces
99.999% effectiveness is not a bad start. Ignore it all you "Bleach or chemical" lovers!

adobe pdf document Ozone to clean and protect grain from insects
No more useless pesticides infused in your food!

adobe pdf document Ozone gas is an effective and practical antibacterial agent

adobe pdf document Effects of Ozone on Common Environmental Fungi

Web Optimization Of CIP Process For Ozone Sanitization Retrofit

Web Efficancy Of Ozonated Water Use As Antimicrobial Intervention In Beef Primal and Subprimal Fabrication

adobe pdf document Efficacy of Gaseous Ozone Against Generic E.coli in Ground Beef

adobe pdf document The International Ozone Association Catalog of publish reports
Lists 1,000s of lengthy documents from all around the world by accredited scientists with regard to ozone research.

adobe pdf document IOA/PAG AIR TREATMENT

adobe pdf document Ozone Disinfection of SARS-Contaiminated Areas
Published by EnviroLabs Hong Kong

Web Ask Jon Eakes
adobe pdf document Ozone Generators to clean up air quality problems -- good or bad?
Jon Eakes is a trusted professional advisor for home maintenance and trouble shooting

Mould can lead to serious health related illnesses including respiratory failure. If you have mould growing in your environment something is wrong and should be addressed.
Learn More About Mold and Ozone

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