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Did you know Our Ozone Shock Treatment is nothing but 100% pure, natural Oxygen?

Our locally sourced technology excites Oxygen atoms the exact same way Mother Nature does during electrical storms. Excited Oxygen is called Ozone and breaks down pollants rather than masking or covering up like air fresheners and sprays.

This natural energy endows Ozone with its incredible powers to remove odours and purify the air you breathe.

Ozone has a half life of around 30minutes reverting back to Oxygen. Using added air movement, treated areas are available quickly.

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Ozone is one of the most versatile and
powerful, natural cleansing agents on the Earth. In the modern era of environmental awareness, it is a sensible back-to-basics choice that outperforms Industrial chemicals.
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Ozone is a natural element which outperforms many artifical and toxic chemicals and breaks down pesticides. Contact us to learn more!
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