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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the main advantages of Ozone?
Highly effective cleaning agent with breathable Oxygen as only byproduct.

Ideal for cigarette smoke, urine problems from pets, skunk and 100's of various odours.

100% Pure, 100% Natural -- Ozone is made by mother nature in every electrical storm.

Ozone works over 3,000 times faster than chlorine

Ozone breaks down toxic vapours and other pollutants on a molecular level and does not mask or hide the odors and effects like deodorizers.

Are your Services eco-friendly?
We only offer responsible services which are 100% natural, 100% pure, and have only simple and natural byproduct of Oxygen

Are your Services safe?
Ozone is safe with professional handling. It is not breathable, although it does naturally decay to breathable Oxygen. Ozone Shock Treatment does require your space to be vacated during treatment.

How long does a Treatment take?
While every situation is different, a vehicle may be ozonated in as little as hour.

Indoor space such as Apartments and Offices take longer depending on their size, number of rooms, and other factors such as the concentration and type of odours.

What do the Services cost?
Prices for Ozone Shock Treatment begin as low as $85 for vehicles, $175 for Apartments & $300 for houses & offices. Please Contact Us and we will be glad to prepare a custom quote for your specific needs.

Are these services suitable to use if myself or my Partner is Pregnant?
Yes. We are professional, experienced and trained. Our company has an Expectant Mothers Discount as a fixed Policy to help you give your newborn a safe and wholesome environment. Contact Us to learn more.


Ask us about our Expectant Mothers
Discount to safely & naturally
cleanse your space and
help keep your Baby safe
and healthy from its
earliest and move



Sanitize and protect children

Restoration companies have used Ozone as their secret weapon for years. Now, you can get the same results in a more convenient, affordable, and environmentally conscious way.





Neutralize Smoke and water damage odorox

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Approved by the FDA, EPA, USDA, US Green Building Council, TURI, OSHA and CSA