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Remove Cigarette Smoke Odours


Ozone is the most effective solution to permanently
remove Cigarette odours in your home, office or car.

Unlike sprays and deodorizers such as Fabreeze that just mask the odour, Ozone breaks down the the toxic chemicals embedded in the pores and fabrics thus eliminating the odours.

To remove the odour permanently, the source of the smell must be removed completely.

  Remove cigarette smoke permanently with Ozone

Odours are the result of one or more volatile organic compounds (VOC) or chemical compounds that we perceive by the sense of the olfaction.

Ozone will flood an enclosed environment attacking everything harmful to us and breaks it down on a molecule level called oxidation.

Ozone will destroy the all airbourne and surface bacteria, viruses, spores, allergens, most VOCs, ppet problems and cigarette smoke.


Restoration companies as well as mold remediation have used ozone for decades for smoke and fire damage. There is no better solution available.

Why your health is still in jeopardy even after cigarette smoke clears.

Google "The dangers of third hand smoke". It is a very real and very serious problem most people don't realize.

Ozone reverts back to oxygen within a few hours.
Ozone occurs naturally is one of mother nature's strongest cleaner and oxidizers.


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Ozone is a natural element which outperforms many artifical and toxic chemicals and breaks down pesticides. Contact us to learn more!
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Mould can lead to serious health related illnesses including respiratory failure. If you have mould growing in your environment something is wrong and should be addressed.
Learn More About Mold and Ozone
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